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- for the prevention of Danger, Obstruction or Annoyance to:

Persons Bathing in the Sea or Using the Seashore, made by the District Council in Pursuance of Section 76 of the
Public Health Act 1961
1.    These byelaws shall apply to the areas specified in the schedule hereto (Freshwater East is nominated and included specifically)
2.    In these byelaws: a "line" means an imaginary straight line; "bearing" means a bearing reckoned clockwise from True North; "Navigator" means the person who, whether as owner or otherwise, has the charge or control of a pleasure boat and includes a person, who being present, is entitled to give orders to the person having charge or control.
3.    No person, being the navigator of a pleasure boat shall cause or allow such vessel to be driven or sailed in a dangerous manner or without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons.
4.    No person, being the navigator of a pleasure boat propelled by an internal combustion engine, shall use the pleasure boat unless the engine is fitted with a silencer suitable and sufficient for reducing as far as may be reasonable the noise caused by the escape of the exhaust gases from the engine.
5.    Any person offending against any of the foregoing byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding Four Hundred Pounds.
6.    Nothing contained in any of the foregoing byelaws shall be deemed to be or shall operate as a grant by or on behalf of the Crown as owner of any part of the foreshore and seabed below mean high water mark or any estate or interest in or right over any such part of such foreshore  and seabed, nor shall anything contained in or done under any of the provisions of the foregoing byelaws in any respect prejudice or injuriously affect the rights and interest of the Crown in such foreshore and seabed, or prevent the exercise thereon of any public rights or prejudice or injuriously affect any right, power or priviledge legally exercisable in, over and in respect of the foreshore and seabed.